Door Closers

Here at Door Technologies, we can supply and install door closers to all kinds of doors, both internal and external, and regardless of whether they're push or pull operated, they also are certificated to BSEN1154.

All fire doors are required to be fitted with door closers so that the door will close quickly in the event of a fire and provide the utmost protection from smoke and the spread of any flames. However, whether they're fitted to fire doors or non-fire doors, you can be sure that our range of door closers will prevent damage to doors that are opened too forcefully or slammed shut by providing just the right amount of resistance.

Floor Springs

Floor springs are incredibly robust and durable and are a great alternative to face fixed and overhead door closers. The floor springs are less obtrusive, which also makes them ideal for use in high traffic areas or where a door is double or single action. Plus our floor springs are ideal for use in high traffic areas where the single or double action.

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Door Closers