DT 600 Door Safety Sensor

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DT 600 Door Safety Sensor

DT 600 Door Safety Sensor

DT 600 Door safety sensor

A set of active infra red sensors for fitting either side of an automatic door to prevent injury to people when the  door is in motion.


The set consists of one 900 mm long unit and one 340 mm long. The longer sensor is usually fitted on the opening face of the door and monitors the full door width. The shorter sensor is fitted to the closing face and
monitors the leading edge. The sensor is tripped when a beam of infra red light is refelected directly from an obstruction.

Technical Data

Material                           Aluminium and ABS

Colour                             Black

Range                             500-2500 mm

Response time             100 ms approx

Power requirements    17-30 VDC-18 - 28 V AC

Current draw                  100 mA

Contact rating                1 amp @ 24VDC

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