DT R25 Solenoid Bolt

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DT R25 Solenoid Bolt

DT R25 Solenoid Bolt


*              Stainless steel bolt

*              Automatic voltage regulation

*              Microprocessor controlelled

*              Built in access control functions

*              Dual monitoring


*              210mm Long x 25mm wide x 42mm deep

*              12.7mm diameter stainless steel bolt with 14mm throw

Electrical data

Voltage input           12VDC 10% to 24 VDC +15 %

Initial current            1050mA @ 12VDC
                                  900mA @ 24VDC
Holding current        21mA @ 12VDC
                                  80mA @ 24 VDC

Automtaic unlock period of 8 seconds

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